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If you have come across an issue with a charging point e.g. no longer there, restricted access etc. or would like to report a broken charging point please post on Zap-Chat.

Locate the point through the map or search pages and add a comment in Zap-Chat. This will then be posted to the point page on website and map, and also on the main Zap-Chat comment stream. If you wish to make a general comment you can enter in the main Zap-Chat comment box on the right.

By providing Zap-Map with this information you are confirming that you have originated this data and you give us permission to add this information to the Zap-Map database to use and distribute without restriction across our systems.

Please note that we do not control the operation of charge points, we are just an aggregator of information, so it is not in our power to get the point fixed. To get the point fixed, please notify the operator directly.


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    The ‘new’ zap-map is not showing any charge points at all 🙁
    Is the old version still available somewhere, as I can plan my journey (while to are fixing the new version)?

    • #12019

      The original charge point map is still there at You can access it by clicking “Explore Zap-Map Live” on the homepage or in the Search navigation under “Zap-Map Live”. There are now extra search tools as well, which allow you to search by location, charger type, connector and EV model. Let us know if you are still having problems.

      Edward Wirgman

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    mark scheldt

    Hi, I use your zapmap website to plan my journeys but the format seems to have changed. I used to be able to see all the charging points on the map, but now they are not displayed unless I do some sort of search. I have tried it with Firefox and IE so it must be something you have changed. How do I get to see all the chargers available around the country without entering any information?

    Thank you

    • #12018

      Hi Mark

      From the homepage you can click ‘Explore Zap-Map’ or alternatively go to This will show a map of all the charge points in the UK without having to use the search tools. The search tools are there to add functionality to the original map, helping you find points nearby or around a specific location.

      I hope this helps. Keep your feedback coming!

      Edward Wirgman

  • #12007

    Richard Peters

    I’ve checked with Little Chef (10th June 2014) and they’ve confirmed they don’t have any charging facilities at the Penrith Little Chef (postcode CA11 0DT).

    • #12020

      Hi Richard,

      I have updated the Little Chef charge point in the Zap-Map database as per your information. As there is no charging available here, I’ve taken it offline and marked it ready for removal.

      Unfortunately we’re currently experiencing some difficulties uploading the database, but you can expect to see the changes pushed live soon.

      Thanks for the information.

      Edward Wirgman

  • #15995


    Where it is necessary / advisable / courteous to ring ahead before turning up to use somebody’s rapid charger, could you add their phone number to the site details on the map? It could make zap-map much more useful on the move.

  • #15997

    Hi bryand,

    We do try to provide all contact details necessary. Most points will have contact information included. Could you let us know which points specifically you are referring to?


    Ed (Zap-Map)

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    Is it possible to remove some charge points that are not public its just no point in having them on the map if they cant be used

  • #20659


    M62 Birch east – “Nissan” DC connector (right most outlet) not working this morning (19/4/15). Phoned Ecotricity and got answering machine !?!

  • #20681

    Hi JDA, I have marked this as inoperable on the map. Ecotricity’s telephone support is only available during working hours.

    Hope this helps.

  • #23494


    The map shows two rapid chargers at Withdean Sports Complex, Brighton, but in reality there is only one.

  • #23563

    Hi Angus

    Thanks for that – you spotted a duplicate point – I have removed one. Melanie

  • #23580


    Hi I want to use the zap map app, but have found it’s not compatible with Windows phone. Is there a chance you will be creating a Windows app soon?

  • #23581

    Hi Neil

    We have had a few requests for Windows phone and is on the wish list – unfortunately looking at current user numbers it may not be viable in short term.

    Have you tried the new website Zap-Map on mobile? Should be a better experience than before.

    Thanks Melanie

  • #23610


    can you clarify the location of SCO51155 and SCO51108. It says these are at Sheriffhall Park and Ride, but the map shows them at a competely different location

  • #23632


    Several problems with Polar Instant (Chargemaster) sites in Oxofrd.

    1: Point 356 (Redbridge park and ride). The map location is about a mile away from the car park, so satnav is useless. The point is easy to find but when you try and use the Polar Instant phone app it says “You must be within 1000m to start a session” – thinks it’s where the map location shows it to be, not where it actually is. So doubly useless!

    2: Point 358, Tesco Cowley Road. Both Polar and car navigation directs down a maze of one car wide one way streets ending in a cul de sac from where the car park can be seen, but not entered. Never did work out how to actually get in, as the Cowley Road at 5pm is one long line of stationary buses!

    3: Point 619, Oxford Brookes campus. Not sure this exists – campus security has never heard of it, and I couldn’t find it in the warren.

    4: Point 198, Headington car park. Sited so that parked cars can completely surround it, making it essentially invisible. No signage or “ev only” bay. Luckily the car park is small so a few minutes searching did find it. Matter of luck if you can actually get the car to it!

    I reported these to Chargemaster, but the email bounced (hollow laugh: they seem to be the worst operator–)

    • #23689


      Thanks for the info – really useful. Have you seen Zap-Chat new community feature to allow updates on individual points so that all EV drivers can see? Any more charge point intelligence that you can get it would be great if you could add to the point in Zap-Chat.

      Cheers Melanie

  • #23653


    The address for CYC70114 in Billingshurst, Sussex, shows the correct street name and postcode, but says ‘Chichester’, when it should read ‘Billingshurst’.

  • #23687


    Don’t think the info about the rapid charger at Selkirk Halliwell car park is correct unless it has changed since I used it yesterday. You show it as having 2 devices, both with CCS connectors, but in fact it is a single charger with type 2, Chademo and CCS connectors.

  • #23688


    Thanks for the info on Selkirk Halliwell – we have spotted an error in our data updates for some Scottish points which means that they are only pulling in one connector rather than multiple connectors. We are working on a fix to this as soon as possible.


  • #23690


    Why does the Billingshurst, Sussex charger appear on the map on a PC, but not on the map on the phone app?

  • #23745


    Is there a site beta issue reporting page? I have created a route and it showed this okay, where it was saved to Favourites. On my return, loading the route from the Favourites, I added a couple of interim waypoints, totalling 10. Now the Turn by Turn has disappeared from the list and the route is not shown on the map? Hope this helps.

  • #23802


    What is the legal situation concerning the charging points at the Whittington Hospital, Archway, North London? I have been told by security there that I cannot use them in the daytime and I may get car parking charges in the evenings. Are these public chargers or not?

  • #23804


    …Pelham Place Car Park, Hastings… the rapid charger (listed as Device 3) is not located in that car park, but about 1 mile to the West in the A259 Marina Car Park, so it should be shown as two separate charge points in Zap-Map. I’ve added a comment for the time being to advise people. Also, the rapid charger is currently out of service (no power since 22/12/15, reported to CYC and awaiting a fix).

  • #23874


    Lupus Street SW1V – 3KW (3 pin plug) – working fine
    Lupus Street SW1V – 7KW (Type 2) – out of order since 18.12.15
    Yoakley Road N16 – Both points out of order as of 09.01.16
    Garnham Street N16 – RFID reader not working as 09.01.16 – nobody can use this chargepoint.

  • #25257


    Hi there,

    I went to submit some charge points that are missing from your map but this page seems to be blank –

    • #25259

      Admin (Zap-Map)

      Hi Jimbo, looking into this now, thanks for reporting it!

  • #26940


    What has happened to the display of Beeches Car Park in Cirencester? When you click on it you just see the 4 icons and no drop downs…

    • #26941

      Admin (Zap-Map)

      Hi Melb, thanks for reporting this. It appears the record was conflicting with the one in Moreton-in-Marsh.
      This has now been fixed!

  • #27618


    Harbour Road Eyemouth Scottish Borders TD14 5JB

    There is a duplicate charger on your map. The correct charger is in the Harbour Road Carpark, the one shown further down harbour road does not exist.

    CYC have the charger correctly located on their app.



  • #27717


    13 Cluny Square – Buckie, Moray, AB56 1AJ

    This is not on the Polar network but is managed by ChargeYourCar on behalf of Moray Council
    There are 2 outlets type2, 22kW
    The charge is GBP 3.90 on the notice but I was invoiced 3.80 by CYC
    Parking is free
    O2 coverage is not adequate for the iPhone app, I had to use the RFID Card

    I have added comments to the charge point info but it would be great if you updated the database


  • #27879


    Hi All,

    I’ve twice tried to add a new charge point at the new Waitrose in London Road, Worcester, WR5 2JG. Each time I get an email saying thanks for adding it, but 3 or 4 weeks after I first “added” it, this charge point still isn’t on the map. Why is this please? There are 4 sockets at this location, each being a 7kW Type 2. They are run by ChargeMaster but no id or anything is required – you just plug in and away you go, and they’re completely free to use.


    Mark Farthing

  • #28084


    Hi, Cobalt Business Exchange (NE28 9NZ) is now four type two ports at 7kw each.
    The old 3-pin posts have been removed, please update the map to reflect this.
    Two of the four ports aren’t working but it has been reported.

  • #28097


    Tesco Extra, NE27 0QW is now two CYC 7kw type 2 ports.
    The POD points have been removed, please update the map ADMIN.

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