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With a highly targeted audience, Zapmap is an ideal platform for anyone looking to reach current or prospective EV drivers.

By: Newicon

Updated: 21/04/23

Looking to reach electric car drivers?

Get through to current & prospective EV drivers

As the UK’s leading charge point mapping service, Zapmap attracts many thousands of visitors to the website and app each month. Put your brand front and centre through banner advertising, app advertising, or sponsorship of our newsletter and tools.

Naxos In-app advertising Target a niche EV driver audience
Skiathos Newsletter sponsorship Cut through to 80,000+ engaged users
skopelos Banner advertising Get in front of EV buyers

Advertise on the Zapmap app or website

With a highly targeted audience of over 300,000 unique visitors to the website and the app each month, the Zapmap website, app and tools are ideal platforms for anyone looking to reach current or prospective electric car drivers.

Sponsor our newsletter

With a highly engaged newsletter readership that’s growing all the time, we can provide sponsored newsletter campaigns to help your message cut through to the right audience.

Our in-app Zapmap advertising was a highly effective way to reach key targeted demographics, and we saw a higher than benchmark conversion rate from these ads.

Dora Clarke, Osprey Charging

Osprey Charging

Find out how Osprey uses Zapmap’s in-app advertising to increase awareness of its network.


Work with us

Zapmap works with many different organisations in the EV industry and beyond. Explore our partnership opportunities.