Renault Dealership: Armstrong & Fleming Ltd charging point

There are 2 electric car charging points available at Renault Dealership: Armstrong & Fleming Ltd - see details and other nearby charge points below. The charge points are operated under the Renault dealerships network, more information on accessing points on this network can be found on the public charging network page.
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Charging Points

Rating:  3kW 16A
Supply:  1-phase AC
Socket:  Type 2 Mennekes

Network / Access

Renault dealerships
Free to use for eligible customers
Free parking for eligible users
Dealership forecourt
01768 862 371
Restricted to dealership opening hours. Contact prior to arrival. Please report to reception upon arrival.
20 Jun 2013
18 Aug 2014

Data source/licence

Zap-Map Contributor
18 Aug 2014


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This electric car charging point located at Renault Dealership: Armstrong & Fleming Ltd, CA11 8HT is part of the Renault dealerships. There are
2 EV charge points at this location.