Mike Morgan Electrical Services charging point

There are 1 electric car charging points available at Mike Morgan Electrical Services - see details and other nearby charge points below. The charge points are operated under the ZeroNet network, more information on accessing points on this network can be found on the public charging network page.
To see all the publicly available EV charging points in the UK visit Zap-Map. Here you can search by location, connector type and speed, network, access type and EV model.

Charging Points

Rating:  7kW 32A
Supply:  1-phase AC
Socket:  Type 2 Mennekes


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Network / Access

May require payment
Charges may apply
Workplace car park
01278 434263
Vehicle can be left on charge inside gates overnight
28 Jan 2014
02 Jun 2016

Data source/licence

Open Charge Map, Zap-Map
Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0
02 Jun 2016

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This electric car charging point located at Mike Morgan Electrical Services, TA6 4AR is part of the ZeroNet. There are
1 EV charge points at this location.

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