Zap-Pay Refund Policy

Thanks for visiting Zap-Map’s Refund Policy for payments made using Zap-Pay. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Data Licensing terms.

In this policy, ‘Zap-Map Sites and Services’, also referred to as ‘Zap-Map’ and ‘Sites and Services’, refers to the following websites, mobile applications and data services operated by Next Green Car Ltd: ‘Zap-Map Websites’, also referred to as the ‘Websites’, [URL:], and ‘Zap-Map Applications’, also referred to as the ‘Applications’, [iOS/Android apps and related applications]. The use of terms ‘we’ and ‘our’ refer to Zap-Map Sites and Services, and ‘users’ refers to contributors and users of the information published on any of the Sites and Services.


Zap-Pay is a service provided by Next Green Car Ltd that allows registered users of Zap-Map Sites and Services to pay for, and gain access to, electric vehicle charging services on participating charging providers (or branded networks). All charging devices on participating providers (or branded networks) which accept Zap-Pay are clearly marked within the Zap-Map app (and other Zap-Map mapping products) within the information provided about each charging device.

The payment system operates using instant payments on a pay-as-you-go basis and all payments are made through our payment processor Adyen ( At present, no subscription services are offered by Zap-Pay. At no time does Zap-Map store user’s card details which are all handled by the payment processor Adyen, which is fully compliant with all aspects of the Payment Card Industry regulations. For more info visit:

Each charging session and payment transaction is made on a per-use basis. Please note that all payments made through Zap-Pay are pre-authorised with a £5 charge to validate the card and that funds are available in the user’s account. The pre-authorisation amount may show on your account before the final amount is settled. Once the charging process has completed successfully, the final amount is then charged to the user’s card and the pre-charge refunded.


If you have made a payment using Zap-Pay for electric vehicle charging services on a participating charging provider (or branded network) but have been unable to charge your vehicle or have been incorrectly charged for the service provided, then we will refund the amount incorrectly debited from your account.

To request a refund, contact Zap-Map and describe the payment issue including as much detail about the transaction as possible including your Zap-Map username (if you have one), the location and the date and time of the charging session.

All refund requests must be received within 14 days of the charging session for which the claim is being made. After the 14-day period you will no longer be eligible and won’t be able to receive a refund. Zap-Map reserves the right to check relevant details within the Zap-Map user’s account including the user’s history of payments and any previous claims.


Zap-Map is fully owned and operated by Next Green Car Ltd, publisher of

To request a refund, contact, or phone on 0117 929 8855 during office hours. Mark your email ‘Refund request’.

Note that our current payments support phone service is only available during office hours which are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. A 24/7 payments support phone service will be available later in 2020 and will be announced on the Zap-Map website.

Alternatively you can write to: Next Green Car Ltd & Zap-Map, Unit 66 Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX. Mark your letter ‘Refund request’.

Company information: Next Green Car Ltd. registered address is Unit 66, Spike Island, 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol, BS1 6UX. Company No: 05960749, VAT No: 942136831.

Policy last updated: January 2020