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What is Zap-Pay?

Zap-Pay is a new and simple way to pay for charging from within the Zap-Map app.
Now you will be able to search, plan and pay all in one app!




How does Zap-Pay work?

No subscription or membership is required - all you need is the Zap-Map app and a payment card, then its as easy as A,B,C!

Screenshot of Zap-Map on a Pixel 2
Screenshot of Zap-Map on a Pixel 2
Find Zap-Pay enabled charge points using the filters – more being added each week
Select a connector, add payment and start charging – it really is simple
See live status updates, view charging history and download VAT receipts – keeps you in control

Where can I use Zap-Pay?

Now in partnership with the ESB Energy and Osprey networks

Zap-Pay now works with the ESB Energy and Osprey networks, with more than 300 rapid charge points available via the Zap-Map app.

Zap-Pay will shortly be available on the following networks which have both rapid and non-rapid coverage across the UK

Zap-Pay will then be rolled out across participating UK networks in 2021, providing unique and unrivalled coverage across the whole country.

Your questions answered

How does Zap-Pay work?

Zap-Pay is an app-based payment system which uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging.

As easy as A,B,C. When you're at the charge point, select a connector, select a payment method and start charging - it really is that simple.

Do you need a subscription to use Zap-Pay?

No, there is no need for any membership or subscription to use Zap-Pay.  If you use Zap-Pay with the free account, you will have a more streamlined process, be able to save cards and view your full charging history.

There is also a guest option available which does not require registration.

How do you identify a Zap-Pay enabled charger?

All Zap-Pay enabled chargers are marked clearly within the Zap-Map app.  

You can filter for enabled points within the payment filter or the network filters.

How much does Zap-Pay cost?

Zap-Pay has a simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) price structure which will be set at the same or similar level to the charging networks’ standard PAYG price. Zap-Map reserves the right to charge a small transaction fee per session to the customer.  This will be set at 0.0p for the foreseeable future.

The tariff being levied to the customer will be absolutely transparent ahead of any charging session.

Get Zap-Map on your mobile device

You can use Zap-Pay on our latest release on iOS (6.1.1) and Android (6.1.1) apps.

Get Zap-Map for Android

Get Zap-Map for iOS

Would you like to offer Zap-Pay to your customers?

If you are a charge point Network interested in offering Zap-Pay or an organisation that would like to use Zap-Pay then please get in touch via contact@zap-map.com.