• Dundee opens new EV charging hub

    dundee opens ev charging hub

    July 13, 2018: A new EV charging hub has opened in Dundee today (Friday 13th July), with six rapid charge points and four fast chargers located on Princes Street. The hub also features a solar canopy and energy storage system. Previously a vacant filling station,...

  • EVs considered by 70% of car buyers but myths remain

    evs considered 70% car buyers myths remain

    July 12, 2018: More than 70% of car buyers would consider an electric vehicle according to a new survey carried out by the AA and Populus for today’s LowCVP conference today (Thursday 12th July). With more than 10,000 drivers taking part, the survey is both...

  • Powermystreet tool launched

    powermystreet tool launched

    July 11, 2018: A new resource to help Londoners improve on-street EV charging infrastructure has been launched today (Wednesday 11th July), with Zap-Map part of the Powermystreet project. The tool will allow residents to demonstrate demand for EV charge points, by mapping where they would...

  • EV drivers making good use of GeniePoint chargers

    ev drivers making good geniepoint chargers

    July 11, 2018: Rapid charge points are being added to the GeniePoint network in Hampshire, with a number of the units seeing high levels of usage by EV drivers. There are now 19 chargers across the county by ChargePoint Services – the company behind the...

Zap-Map enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to locate, navigate to and update charge points for the benefit of the EV community. Take a look at the map or download the app to find charge points near you or on your typical journey. Zap-Map also provides information on charging points and electric vehicles to help you make best use of your EV or PHEV – see below for more.

Charging your EV

Thinking about going electric and want to know about charging? Take a look at our handy charging guide which covers connector types and speeds, charging at home, on the public network and provides a charging overview for most EVs.

zap-map: ev charging points

EV charging tools


Use our new interactive tools to answer some common questions asked by potential EV drivers: How much does it cost and how long does it take to charge an EV at home or on the public network? How much does it cost for a typical journey or to tax an EV compared to conventional cars.

With around 75 different electric models available in the UK, more than 160,000 registered EVs on UK roads, and a growing public charge point infrastructure of close to 6,000 locations, 2018 is a great time to go electric. The next few years will see yet more EV models launched in the UK by all the major car and van manufacturers.


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Rapid Connectors


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Zap-Map is focused on providing the best possible information to support the growing EV community. Users can submit a new charge point for inclusion on Zap-Map and report an issue with an existing unit. Join the Zap-Map Community and share with other users your EV experience. We welcome feedback on any EV or charge point issue.

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Add a Charging Point to Zap-Map

EV Charging at Home or Work


There are various suppliers and government schemes available to help you obtain a charge point for your home or work place. The Zap-Map guide provides info on these grants and an installer tool to help you find a suitable supplier.

Choosing an Electric Vehicle

mini countryman phev

Ready to make the move to an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid? There are now many different models on the market with more coming in 2018. The Zap-Map EV buying guide will help you decide whether an electric car is right for you.

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