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The best EV charging app in the UK

We’ve got you covered across the country, and our thriving EV community is full of tips and tricks too.

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Stay charged wherever you go

with the go-to app for EV drivers

We’ve been mapping charge points since 2014, and have the widest choice of charging options in the UK. With over 75% of chargers showing live availability status, open Zapmap to find tens of thousands of charge points and for the confidence to drive any length of journey in your EV.

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The go-to app for electric car drivers... Every EV owner needs Zapmap installed on their smartphone.

Richard Ingram

The definitive download for finding EV charging points available in the UK.

Zapmap user

Zapmap has become my favourite tool to find chargers… an absolute god-send!

Robert Llewellyn
Search feature on the Zapmap mobile app

The UK’s charge points

at your fingertips

There are tens of thousands of EV chargers across the UK, and you can find almost all of them on Zapmap.
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Zapmap app EV route planner

Peace of mind

on longer journeys

With the widest choice of charging options and live availability status, our route planner helps you plot journeys tailored to your needs.
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Simple payment

across charging networks

Because there are lots of charging providers in the UK, we provide an easy way to pay for charging across networks from within the app.
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Zapmap app for EV drivers

A growing community

of electric car drivers

Our friendly EV community not only makes Zapmap tick, but will help you stay charged wherever you go.
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Stress-free driving

when out and about

With Zapmap in your car dashboard you can see the live status of each location while you're on the go, and navigate to available chargers quickly and easily.
Drive smarter

Zapmap Premium

With a number of ways to quickly locate charge points tailored to your needs, Zapmap Premium helps you drive smarter.

On top of filters for new charge points and multi-charger locations, Premium gets Zapmap into your in-car dashboard via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

This means you can locate suitable charge points, view live charge point status and access route plans - all while on the move.

What's more, with Premium you can save unlimited filters, route plans and EV models.

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If you charge regularly on the public network, find out how you can personalise your experience and find the best charging options more easily with Zapmap Premium.

When out and about, you can use Zapmap Premium in your car dashboard to access everything you need to find and pay for available charging.

Explore all the different features in our comparison table.

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Zapmap is very much a central part of the EV driving experience and seen as the must-have ‘go-to’ app by EV drivers.

Zapmap user

An easy-to-use app encouraging the uptake of EVs through data sharing. The app allows EV drivers to search for available charge points, plan longer electric journeys, pay for charging and share updates with other EV drivers.

Regen Green Energy Awards

It’s great that you can use Zapmap to look where you want to go and check that a charger is working... It gives you confidence that when you get there you know it’s working and that there are multiple chargers too.

Hayley Thompson