Zap-Map plans compared

The table below outlines the different features that are available on the Zap-Map app, which is free to download, and the two subscription plans Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium.

SearchLocate all public chargers across the UK
View charge point info including live data, pricing,network, location type
Identify new charge points
View what3words location
Filter with standard filters: connector, EV model, network, location type, payment, access
Filter with enhanced filters: New chargers, multi-charge locations, user ratings, enhanced location types
Save user filtersMax 1Max 3Unlimited
Manage multiple EVsMax 1Max 3Unlimited
PlanPlan routes
Access all routing methods
Save routesMax 3Max 6Unlimited
ShareShare updates
Add and use Zap-Home points
PayPay for charging with Zap-Pay
DriveApple CarPlay/Android Auto
Ad free
COSTAnnual SubscriptionFree£29.99/yr
Free trial
Free trial
Monthly subscriptionFree£4.99/mth£7.99/mth

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