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Given the seemingly bewildering number of electric vehicle charging options, Zap-Map has created a step-by-step EV charging guide, starting with Charging Basics which offers an overview of the main available charger and connector options. Other sections provide up-to-date information about Public Charging Networks, Charging at Home and Charging at Work.

Charge Point Types

There are four main electric vehicle charging types: Slow (up to 3kW) which is best suited for 6-8 hours overnight; Fast (7-22kW) which can fully recharge some models in 3-4 hours; and Rapid AC and DC (43-50kW) which are able to provide an 80% charge in around 30 minutes.

electric vehicle charging types

UK Public Networks

public charging networks

Charging options, network scale and costs for all EV charging networks offering public access in the UK.

Home and the workplace are the most common EV charging locations with publicly accessible points being used as back-up or to extend driving range for longer journeys. As vehicles are parked in these locations for long periods, Slow (3kW) charging units are generally used.

EV Charging at Home

electric vehicle charging at home

Having a charge point at home is generally essential for EV owners. The Zap-Map guide provides info on suppliers and government grants as well as an overview of the latest offers and prices.

EV Charging at Work

electric vehicle charging at work

Whether you are an EV fleet owner or an employee charging at work has many benefits. The Zap-Map guide provides businesses and employees details on the key suppliers, grants and offers available.

To learn more about electric vehicles, what they are like to drive, their range, and their impact on the environment, EV Basics provides detailed information about the three main EV types: Battery electric vehicles (BEVs), Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and Extended range electric vehicles (EREVs).


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