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‘Search Zap-Map by Charger Type’ helps users find charging points of a specific type in a selected region. A location can be input using a keyword or using the’Find Me’ button as shown. Results in list or grid format show closest charging points first. For more information on charger types visit Zap-Map’s Charging Basics page.

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STEP 1: Select a location. Enter a location keyword in the box provided, or click the ‘Find Me’ button to auto-access your current position.

STEP 2: Select a charger type from the four options shown: Slow; Fast; Rapid AC; or Rapid DC. If none selected, all charger types are included in results.

STEP 3: View your results. Search results can be viewed in three formats: List, Grid and Map. Click the button that matches your preference.

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    It would be useful to have five categories of charger because rapid category really needs to be divided into CHADeMO and CCS.

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    I have a Renault zoe Dynamique intens, from Febuary of this year and iust aboult getting the confidence to tackel some long journeys and fineding it verry confusing when uesin the on board satnav when I am told thier is not enough charge in the battery to complet the journey then when I try to find a station on my set destnation nearly all of the alternatives are not compatable for the car, tha’s worrying, now I have two jouneys to do one is to Cumbria in the Lake district some 300 miles and I am finding the zap map Dificult to plan a route with the charge stations recomended on it this is from my town of Snodland in Kent me6 5hh to Coniston in Cumbria, the outher is to Sleaford in Lincolshire 156 miles I can only find on the m6 at cambridge which is a bit tofar even with very cearfull driving fom Kent with most of ones are to near to the begining of my journy and likewise on the return that is with out a lot of deviation. any help would be appreciated, regard’s David Trott.

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