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Search Zap-Map by Connector displays all charging points with a specific output connector. A location can be input using a keyword or using the’Find Me’ button as shown. Results in list or grid format show closest charging points first. To find out which connectors are compatible with a particular EV, use our Connector Selector tool.

Popular connector searches

Mennekes charging points
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Rapid CHAdeMO Charge points

Search Tips

STEP 1: Select a location. Enter a location keyword in the box provided, or click the ‘Find Me’ button to auto-access your current position.

STEP 2: Select one connector type from the eight options shown: 3-pin; Commando; Type 1; Type 2; JEVS; CCS; Tesla; or Unknown. If none selected, all charger types are included in results.

STEP 3: View your results. Search results can be viewed in three formats: List, Grid and Map. Click the button that matches your preference.

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    waste of time, your site doesn’t work, maps? location, post code, charger type?? let me know when it is fixed or built and i may use it, in the meantime i will see if anyone else has anything decent to find where the local chargers are

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    Would have liked to use this site to plan my route & charge stops BUT cant use, its useless. Will try again hopefully when you have fixed it, tried various options, locations, connector types, maps but just a wasted hour.

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    Hi Both

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. We are in the process of upgrading this page and recommend you use the main map to search for by connector, speed, access and payment type. Thanks Melanie

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