Available EV models

electric vehicles available to buy in the uk

Most mainstream car makers now offer electric models. There are more than 130 fully or part electric vehicles available to buy or lease in the UK. The choice of electric vans is more limited than electric cars, yet their numbers are set to increase in the next few years.

Electric Vehicles Available to Buy in the UK

If you are thinking of buying a battery electric vehicle there are three issues you’ll want to carefully consider that will determine whether an EV is right for you:

  1. Your access to charging points
  2. Your daily mileage
  3. Your overall budget

See our EV Buying Guide to know whether a BEV is suitable for you.

Given that plug-in hybrids and extended range EVs are less dependent on access to an electric supply and are not electric-range limited, access to charging points and your daily mileage are less important. However, if you are about to invest in one of these technologies, we still advise you to read the guide.