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electric vehicles available to buy in the uk

Most of the mainstream car makers are now offering high-quality electric models. As of 2018, there are more than 100 fully or part electric vehicles available to buy or lease in the UK. The choice of electric vans is more limited than electric cars, yet their numbers are set to increase in the next few years.

Below is a list of electric vehicles available to purchase now in the UK. Select battery electric (BEV), plug-in hybrid (which inlcudes PHEVs and EREVs) or hydrogen (FCEV) or all to see current purchase options in the UK.

To see some short reviews from Next Green Car see best electric cars to buy 2018.

Electric Vehicles Available to Buy in the UK

If you are thinking of buying a battery electric vehicle there are three issues that need to be carefully considered that will determine whether an EV is right for you: your access to charging points, your daily mileage and your overall budget. Read the EV Buying Guide see whether a BEV is suitable for you.

Given that plug-in hybrids and extended range EVs are less dependent on access to an electric supply and are not electric-range limited, access to charging points and your daily mileage are less important. However, if you are about to invest in one of these technologies, you are still advised to read our EV Buying Guide.

top 10 evs
Top 10 electric vehicles

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    Why the differences in the quoted battery size kw v kwh. Eg the Leafs have been quoted as 24 kwh (with a recent increase to 30). Quoting kw for others makes comparison for the uninitiated confusing.

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    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been looking at getting an electric vehicle and I think I have made up my mind on the Nissan Leaf.
    The only question I have is what spec I should go for, and where would be the cheapest place to get one.
    I have been looking online and found the following quote, but it seems too good to be true.
    Has anyone purchased one from these guys?


    They are relatively close to where I live, and I don’t mind going the extra distance for a good deal.
    Many thanks.

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    Why are you not mentioning the Kia Soul EV?

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    Why does the next button not work?

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    Why does the chart show Mitsubishi outlanders charge at 7KW when they are actually only 16A 3KW?

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    Is this page no longer being maintained?

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    The next button does not work.

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    The “Top 10 Electric Vehicles” Button does not Work.

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