Zap-Map EV Charging Survey

ev charging survey

About the EV Charging Survey 2022

The EV Charging Survey Report is conducted by Zap-Map to better understand the charging needs of EV drivers, the findings being used to improve Zap-Map and EV charging facilities in the UK. The final results for 2022 included 4,358 respondents who drive a BEV or PHEV.

The report presents the results from the survey conducted in 2022, together with findings from previous annual surveys since 2019 (where available).

The issues explored in the survey include: EV ownership, models and motivations for purchase; EV charging at home; and EV charging on the public network – usage, charger types, location types, charging duration, network preferences, users satisfaction, pricing preferences and incentives. Detailed sample data is also provided, as are data exports from the Zap-Map database.

EV Charging Insights Report 2022

The 52-page report, which includes 40 data slides, is available in PDF format, and is supplied under a single organisation (or individual) license for in-house use only. The content of the report is structured in five sections:


  1. Survey overview – Respondents, EV types and models, EV ownership & satisfaction​
  2. EV charging at home – Charger access, parking type, charger power, installed services​
  3. EV charging on public network – Usage, providers, frequency of use, charger power, location type, charging duration, rapid pricing, user priorities​
  4. Sample data – EV usage, EV models, age distribution, regional distribution, household income, annual EV mileage, vehicle purchase and use
  5. Zap-Map database – Connectors by power and type, charge devices by network, rapid devices by network, All devices by location type, reliability overview

You can request a summary report of the key findings for free, while the full report is available at a price of £2995 +VAT. Discounts are available for Zap-Map partner organisations. Please get in touch with your main contact to discuss any offers available.

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The report is supplied under license for a single organisation or individual for in-house use only. Other than in-house use by a single nominated organisation or individual, no part of the publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Zapmap Limited.

Zap-Map Insights

The UK and Ireland’s leading source of EV charging data and insights, providing a single source of truth on the size and shape of the UK and Ireland’s EV charging infrastructure, and the attitudes and behaviours of EV drivers.

ev charging survey

Zap-Map Insights is a data and insights service to Governments, CPOs, Consultancies, vehicle OEMs, DNOs, local authorities and other stakeholders requiring credible and reliable information and knowledge on the UK and Ireland’s EV charging landscape and its history.

Founded in 2014 in the earliest stages of the electric revolution, Zap-Map Insights has been the trusted partner of the Department of Transport’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) in tracking and reporting on the growth of EV infrastructure across the country.

Charge Point Location Data and Insights


  • ●  Reliable and credible information to help drive commercial and installation strategies
  • ●  Understand when, where, who installed and what types of charge points are in place across the UK and Ireland
  • ●  Supplements your existing data sets with the exact location and descriptive data of charge points (for use in GIS or internal databases and analyses)


  • ●  UK and Ireland wide – data available for 95%+ of all UK public charge points
  • ●  60,000 connectors, 36,000 devices, 22,000 locations*
  • ●  Detailed information per charge point covering: location, power rating, network, location type, contactless, taxi only

Utilisation Insights


  • ●  Reliable and credible information to help drive commercial strategies
  • ●  Understand the utilisation rates and daily patterns for charge points across the UK and Ireland
  • ●  Understand where the most utilised charge points are situated by comparing utilisation rates in different geographical areas of the UK and Ireland, and for different location types


  • ●  UK and Ireland wide – data available for majority of all charge points, the largest UK and Ireland utilisation tracking capability**
  • ●  Detailed network-anonymous insights on utilisation: Mean sessions per day, mean length and duration pattern of sessions, daily session patterns, estimated kWh throughput
  • ●  Segmented by power rating, region, location type and postcode area


See the latest data from Zap-Map Insights at or contact the team via to discuss how Zap-Map Insights can support you with our market leading data and insights solutions.

[*] An estimated 95%+ of public charging locations; data updated 30/11/22
[**] Data available for around 70% of connected public charge points