Zap-Map EV Charging Survey

ev charging survey

About the EV Charging Survey 2022

The EV Charging Survey Report is conducted by Zap-Map to better understand the charging needs of EV drivers, the findings being used to improve Zap-Map and EV charging facilities in the UK.

The report presents the results from the survey conducted in 2022 together with findings from previous annual surveys.

The issues explored in the survey include: EV ownership, models and motivations for purchase; EV charging at home; and EV charging on the public network – usage, charger types, location types, charging duration, network preferences, user satisfaction, pricing preferences and incentives.

Detailed sample data is also provided, as are data exports from the Zap-Map database.

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Other Zap-Insights services

Zap-Insights is a data and insights service to Governments, CPOs, Consultancies, vehicle OEMs, DNOs, local authorities and other stakeholders requiring credible and reliable information and knowledge on the UK and Ireland’s EV charging landscape and its history.

Founded in 2014, in the earliest stages of the electric revolution, Zap-Insights has been the trusted partner of the UK’s Department for Transport and latterly Office for Zero Emission Vehicles in tracking and reporting on the growth of EV infrastructure across the country.

Charge Point Location Data and Insights

  • ●  Understand when, where, who installed and what types of charge points are in place across the UK and Ireland
  • ●  Supplement your existing data sets with the exact location and descriptive data of charge points (for use in GIS or internal databases and analyses)

Utilisation Insights

  • ●  Understand the utilisation rates and daily patterns for charge points across the UK and Ireland
  • ●  Understand where the most utilised charge points are situated by comparing utilisation rates in different geographical areas of the UK and Ireland, and for different location types


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