Two evyve chargers with parking bays that have EV ONLY signage


An overview of national charging network and Zap-Pay partner evyve.
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evyve network costs

Membership cost: None

Cost per charge: 75p per kWh/76p per kWh via Zap-Pay for all rapid charge points, tariffs for 7-22kW chargers may vary.

Access via Zap-Pay, contactless bank card, RFID card or the evyve app.

To discover how much it will cost to charge an EV from an evyve charge point, head to Zapmap’s Public Charging Calculator. This allows you to select any new or used plug-in vehicle, and tailor elements – such as electricity cost and charge required – for personalised results.


Where are evyve charge points located?

Select 'Filters' -> 'Network' -> 'evyve' to view only evyve charge points.



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You can use Zap-Pay to pay for your charging sessions at any evyve charge points.

Zap-Pay is the simple way to pay for charging within the Zapmap app. Select the charger you'd like to use within the app (a helpful Zap-Pay will pop up in a banner) and start your charging session at the press of a button.

You can check on the status of your charge at any time to see the estimated cost and the charge time remaining. 

VAT receipts for all charging sessions are stored within the app, and can be accessed at any time to download to your device.


How to use evyve charge points

No membership is required to charge with evyve. You can use Zap-Pay or any contactless debit or credit bank card, an RFID card, or pay via the evyve app. 

Simply choose your payment method (contactless, app or RFID),  select your connector and plug your car in, and follow the instructions on the app or on the charge point.


Contact Details

Customer services:

24hr helpline: 0330 053 1802


Further contact information can be found on the evyve website.


evyve goes live on cross-network payment solution Zap-Pay

evyve charge points are powered by 100% renewable energy


How does evyve compare to other networks in terms of pricing?

The price to charge an electric vehicle (EV) on the public charging network can vary substantively, and prices are increasing due to current issues in the energy market.

The Zapmap Price Index shows the difference in prices paid depending on the type of charger and will also track how this is changing over time.

Special features of the evyve charging network:

  • Most evyve locations have 75kW rapid EV charge points
  • evyve partner with Allstar -  one of the UK’s leading fuel, EV and business expense payment companies. This partnership aims to maximise convenience for UK businesses transitioning to EV fleets.
  • evyve charging stations are powered by 100% renewable energy.


About evyve

evyve operate charging stations at retail and leisure outlets, business parks and restaurants. It's committed to supporting the roll-out of EV infrastructure to create a safe, secure and convenient charging network for drivers.

evyve is a joint venture between EVY Infrastructure Partners and Peel NRE. Peel NRE, part of Peel L&P, is at the heart of the nation’s activity around clean growth and the circular economy – helping the UK achieve net zero by 2050 and supporting the regions in their actions to achieve climate emergency targets.

evyve charge points are Zap-Pay enabled, allowing Zapmap users to pay for charging with evyve at over 150 locations across the UK.

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