Zap-Work network guide


The Zap-Work network shows small business charge points, that owners have decided to share with other EV drivers.

The Zap-Work network shows small business charge points, that owners have decided to share with other EV drivers. Charge point details are visible to all and the peer-to-peer charging network allows owners to offer up their workplace charge point under their own conditions.

Access and charging costs are set by the unit owner, with those work points available helping to support the UK’s public EV charging network.


How much does the Zap-Work network cost?


Membership cost: None

Cost per charge: Varies from point to point. Costs are set by the charge point owner. To find out any charging costs, contact the owner directly.

How to use the Zap-Work network

zap-work access

All Zapmap users across the desktop or mobile apps can see charge points on the Zap-Work network. Since these charge points are typically the workplace units used by EV owners, access is unlikely to require any RFID card or key, and are used simply by plugging the car in.

Any payment or access requirements can be discussed with the charge point owner beforehand. Units can be offered at no cost or for payment, with an option of using available for digital payments.


Finding Zap-Work points on Zapmap

zap-work filters

All Zap-Work points can be found on Zapmap by using the network filters. This can be used on the desktop and mobile apps, and displays only those points registered under the Zap-Work umbrella network.

Charging types and speeds can be filtered too, showing only those points that are compatible with users’ cars.



Accessing points on other networks

Because each charge point is operated by the workplace owner, there is no network to join. To access other Zap-Work points, users must must contact the owner of the specific workplace point they wish to use.


About Zap-Work

As the UK’s No.1 charging point platform, Zapmap has more than hundreds of thousands of cross-platform visitors each month – a significant proportion of the UK electric car market. Users are able to share their workplace charge point details on Zapmap under the Zap-Work banner, creating a peer-to-peer network available to other registered users.

With charge points available to be found on either the desktop site, or Android or iOS apps, Zap-Work charge points have the same features available as public units, including Zap-Chat.