First drive of Mahindra e2o

First drive of Mahindra e2o


Last week we visited Mahindra’s UK HQ to get behind the wheel of the e2o. The tiny city car – boasting a tight turning circle, big car connected features, and a clever ‘Revive’ feature – was driven around typical London traffic on a wide variety of roads to find out what the Mahindra is like.

As the first in a planned wave of EVs due for launch by the Indian firm in the UK, the e2o comes in somewhere between dipping a toe in the water and an automotive vanguard.

It aims to fill a gap in the market for second car buyers who live in cities and want a practical but affordable mode of transport. However, with the likes of the Renaults Twizy and Zoe, and the C-Zero/iOn/i-MiEV models from Citroen, Peugeot and Mitsubishi respectively around as competition, the budget E market could be described as pretty fully stocked.

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