Skoda confirms Vision S previews production PHEV tech

Skoda confirms Vision S previews production PHEV tech


Skoda’s stylish Vision S is not just a preview for the firm’s future design direction, but also for the Czech company’s forthcoming electrified powertrain. Featuring a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, Skoda has confirmed that it is developing the system found in the Vision S for production models.

​Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier said: “Our brand continues to develop at a rapid pace. We already have a successful model in the compact SUV segment with the Skoda Yeti; now we are using our expertise in 4×4 technology to develop the new SUV model. In terms of design, package and functionality, the Vision S bears some similarity.

“This study also demonstrates our most important future technologies, such as the plug-in hybrid drive system; a similar drive system is also being tested for production cars.”

Based on the VW Group’s MQB platform, the Vision S has three rows of two seats for excellent levels of comfort, while there are a number of design features that are expected to make it through to future models. There are screens and connected systems aplenty inside too and it some elements are sure to make it to production. However it is what’s under the bonnet that’s of most significance.

With a combined 225hp from the petrol-electric drivetrain, the Vision S uses a 1.4 TSI petrol engine in tandem with a 40 kW electric motor integrated into a six-speed DSG gearbox to power the front wheels, and an 85 kW electric unit powering the rear axle. The two systems can work independently meaning that the Vision S features a clever all-wheel drive system.

The Vision S will get from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds, despite returning a quoted 148.7 MPG and emissions of 45 g/km CO2. It’s able to travel 31 miles on an electric charge too, with the 12.4 kWh battery placed just in front of the rear axle for improved weight distribution.

The driver has a choice of five different modes and is able to pick pure-electric E-Mode, hybrid, hybrid sport, charge, and all-wheel drive. Skoda has also incorporated a charging plate under the car to be able to make the most of contactless charging – though there is also a conventional, plugged-in charging system too.

The Vision S is purely a concept, but it is a very important one nonetheless. Skoda is clearly committed to building plug-in vehicles in the near future, and if they look anything like as good as the Vision S, it will have some successful models on their hands.