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EV charging survey

Our annual EV charging survey is the most established poll of EV drivers in the UK, and continues to see record responses each year from a growing number of Zapmap users.


What are the key aspects of charging behaviour?

Understand trends in EV charging

From the main reasons people are buying EVs, through to sentiment on charging prices and EV owners’ driving and charging habits, our survey also uncovers how drivers interact with the different types of location available to charge their vehicle.

Zapmap annual EV charging survey Electric vehicle ownership Explore model ownership & reasons for purchase
Electric car survey UK Charging trends & analysis Uncover how drivers charge their vehicle
EV charging survey UK Charge point network rankings Understand driver motivation & preferences

Unpick how drivers use the public network

From charging at home, work or different public locations, drill down into the key aspects of EV charging behaviour – such as what types of charger drivers are using, where they tend to charge, and how long their charging sessions last.

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Leverage the most established UK poll of EV drivers

With the most comprehensive survey of EV drivers in the country, we can provide reliable information to help drive your commercial and customer strategies. From charging habits to driver experiences and feedback, Zapmap’s annual EV charging survey can help your business unlock the key trends in EV charging.

Our key findings report is now available to download, or contact us to register your interest in the Zapmap Annual EV Charging Survey.

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Explore charge point network rankings

Now in its fifth year, this comprehensive league table of the UK's public charging networks is informed by our annual EV charging survey, which last year saw record responses from more than 4,300 EV drivers.


Our latest report on the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market combined exclusive data from Zapmap with expert analysis of funding and development opportunities from industry leaders.

Maria Connolly, TLT Solicitors

TLT Solicitors

See how TLT Solicitors worked with Zapmap to understand consumer charging behaviours and uncover opportunities for charge point development and funding.