EV charge point usage
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Charge point usage

Leverage the most comprehensive EV charging dataset in the UK to understand charge point utilisation rates and patterns across the UK and Ireland.


Where are the most utilised charge points?

Understand the key trends in EV charging

Zapmap's rich usage dataset enables comparison of utilisation rates for devices of different power ratings across different regions of the UK, or by the differing types of locations in which devices are installed. 

Charge point usage insights Utilisation insights Identify usage patterns across the charging mix
Charger utilisation UK Geographical hotspots Understand charging trends across the country
EV charger utilisation UK Location type analysis Compare utilisation by location type

Inform your strategies with reliable data

With unique datasets and more than 10 years of experience in the EV sector, we are the go-to data source for the industry. From comparing utilisation rates by location type to identifying geographical hotspots, Zapmap can provide comprehensive usage data from across the UK.

Unpick public charging usage

With 95% of public charge points mapped and around 70% of chargers showing live availability status, the breadth and depth of the Zapmap database means you can reliably interpret utilisation rates and daily patterns for charge points across the UK & Ireland.

Leveraging Zapmap’s unique datasets, we were able to demonstrate significant growth in the use of ultra-rapid charging across the UK.

Maria Connolly, TLT Solicitors

TLT Solicitors

See how TLT Solicitors worked with Zapmap to understand consumer charging behaviours and uncover opportunities for charge point development and funding.


Department for Transport

See how Zapmap and the Department for Transport work together to provide the UK's official statistics on charge point infrastructure.


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