Electric vehicle terminology and definitions


This page covers useful electric vehicle terminology and other related definitions.

It aims to serve as a glossary to help you understand some of the abbreviations around electric vehicle charging.

A – Amps
AC – Alternating Current
BEV – Battery electric vehicle
CCS (Combo) – Connector type compatible with EVs such as the BMW i3
CO2 – Carbon dioxide

Commando – Connector type compatible with EVs such as the G-Wiz
CDR – Charge Details Record. A “receipt” for the users charging session provided by the CPO
CPO – Charge Point Operator, e.g. InstaVolt
CYC Charge Your Car
DC – Direct Current

Device – A physical charging unit, which contains one or more EVSE
Electric Highway – A charging network run by Ecotricity
EMSP – e-Mobility Service Provider
EREV – Electric range extender vehicle
EV – Electric vehicle

EVA England – Electric Vehicle Association England
EVHS – Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
EVSE – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment: a group of one of more connectors on a charge point, of which only one can be charged at once
Fast Charger – Supplies 7-22kW of power fully charging an EV in 3-4 hours
gCO2/km – Grams of CO2 per Kilometre

GHG – Greenhouse gas emissions
GMEV – Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle Scheme
ICE – Internal combustion engine: an engine that burns fuel to produce motion
Inlet – The connecting socket on the vehicle
JEVS (Chadmeo) – Connector type compatible with EVs such as the Citroen C-Zero

kW – Kilowatt
KWh – Kilowatt hour
Li-Ion – Lithium-Ion
Li-Poly – Lithium-Polymer
MPH – Miles Per Hour

NCR – National Chargepoint Registry, a government managed database of publicly available charge points
NOx – Nitrogen oxide
OLEV – Office for Low Emission Vehicles (Now OZEV)
OTR – On the road price
Outlet – The connecting socket on the charging point

OZEV – Office for Zero Emission Vehicles
PAYG – Pay-as-you-go
PHEV – Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
PiM – Plugged-in Midlands
PIV – Plug-in vehicle

Rapid Charger – Supplies 43-50kW of power fully charging an EV in 30-45 minutes
REEVs – Range extender electric vehicle
RFID card – Radio-frequency identification card, often referred to as a swipe card
Slow Charger – Supplies 3kW of power fully charging an EV in 6-8 hours
SO2 – Sulfur dioxide

Spec – Specification
Tethered cable – A non-removable cable connected to the charge point
Type 1 – Connector type compatible with EVs such as the Nissan Leaf
Type 2 Mennekes – Connector type compatible with EVs such as the Renault Zoe
ULCV – Ultra low carbon vehicle

ULED – Ultra Low Emissions Discount Scheme
ULEVs – Ultra Low Emission Vehicles
VED – Vehicle Excise Duty
WCS – Workplace Charging Scheme
ZCW – Zero Carbon World

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