About Us

Zap-Map makes electric vehicle (EV) charging simple.

We are the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search for available charge points, plan longer electric journeys, pay for charging and share updates with other EV drivers.

With 95%+ of public charge points mapped and around 70% of charge points showing live availability status, Zap-Map provides EV drivers with peace of mind and the confidence to drive any length of journey in their EV.

A purpose-led company, Zap-Map’s mission is to accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and help the drive towards zero carbon mobility.

Zap-Map attracts more than 250,000 UK users per month from a rapidly growing fleet of over 620,000 battery-electric EVs (SMMT: November 2022). As the go-to data source for the industry, check Zap-Map for the latest statistics, as well as news, info and tools for current and prospective EV drivers.

The engaged Zap-Map community add daily status and info updates to charging points, and can make their home and work charge points available to other EV drivers as part of the peer-to-peer Zap-Home and Zap-Work network.

With over 10 years of industry experience and unique data sets, Zap-Map offers a range of B2B services including promotion, content, data and market insights. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with us at sales@zap-map.com.



You can find details on charge point data composition on our statistics page, and further details on sources on the data licensing page.


The Team

 Richard Bourne


Ben Lane

CTO & Co-founder

Melanie Shufflebotham

COO & Co-founder

Alex Earl

Commercial Director

David Burns

Senior DevOps Engineer

Chris Hill

Technical Architect

Ben Rosen

Lead Mobile Apps Developer

Luke Manson

Lead Developer

Edmund Walsh

Head of Product

Mark Chitty

Product Manager

Kris Inker

Project Manager

Lizzie Lane

Mobile Apps Test Engineer

Amir Askari

Android Developer

Jonathan Clegg

Web Developer

Joe Osborne

Data Manager

Jade Edwards

Head of Insights

Tim O’Neill

Data Analytics Manager

Paul Grosvenor

Digital Adoption Manager

Isabel Cole

Customer Operations Manager

Hannah Laxen

Commercial Operations Manager

Olly Goodall

Content Manager

Ali Bates

HR Manager

Anne Mosley

Finance Manager

Shania Smith

Data Assistant

Niamh Ridge

Data Assistant

Luke Turvey

Data Assistant

Ryan Bury

Community Assistant

Aaron Shaker

Community Assistant

Chris Lilly

Reviews Contributor

The Board

Nigel Pocklington


Tom Rowlands

Non-Executive Director

Charlie Parry

Non-Executive Director

Company CEO Richard Bourne and co-founder Melanie Shufflebotham are also members of the Zap-Map board.

Company structure

In March 2019, Zap-Map received investment from clean energy company Good Energy Group PLC. In August 2022, Zap-Map closed a Series A round with investment from global fleet solutions provider Fleetcor and further investment from Good Energy. This backing provides resource and expertise to enable Zap-Map to continue to deliver innovative products and services for EV drivers.

If you want to contact the Zap-Map team we would love to hear from you, just visit our Contact Us page.


Tech South West Awards

Cluster Award, Bristol

The EVIES 2022

Special Recognition Award

British Renewable Energy Awards

Accelerating towards Net Zero

Regen 2022 Green Energy Awards

Whole Energy System Innovation

driving electric Awards 2022

Best Electric Car App

Futurice Electric 25


EntreLeague 2021


WPSE Awards 2021

Melanie Shufflebotham

driving electric Awards 2021

Best EV App

GF 100 Most Influential 2021

Melanie Shufflebotham & Ben Lane

The Meaningful Business 100

Ben Lane, Zap-Map CTO & Co-founder