About Us

Zap-Map is the UK’s leading charging point platform with over 80,000 cross-platform visitors each month. The charging point map, available on the desktop and iOS/Android apps, helps electric vehicle (EV) drivers to locate available charge points, plan routes and to share updates with the community.


In addition to the charge point map, Zap-Map provides supporting information on charging and electric vehicles to help current or prospective EV drivers to make more informed choices and enjoy their electric motoring experience.

Zap charge point data

Charge point data is aggregated from the charge point networks and through community updates making Zap-Map is the most comprehensive source of UK charge points – there are currently more than 13000 devices at 8000 public charging locations mapped on Zap-Map.

With more than 95% of public charge points mapped, EV drivers can be confident that they can see all the latest charge points. Zap-Map has built partnerships with most of the UK networks to integrate dynamic network data into the map. New points are added as soon as they go live and users can see whether a charge point is available, in use or out of service; this info is updated every 5 minutes.

More details on charge point data composition can be found on the statistics page and further details on sources on data licensing page.

Zap-Map users can search and apply filters on Zap-Map to find charge points by location, EV models, connector type, connector speed, network, payment type and access type. To plan longer routes, EV drivers can use the smart Route Planner.

Zap-Chat community

The Zap-Chat community feature is used by 1000s of EV drivers to log successful charge, update the status of the charge point, edit information and add last mile information. This feature is there to share information for the benefit of all EV drivers.

Registered users can add information and updates to Zap-Chat and view other updates on the Zap-Chat stream either globally or at the specific point.

Charging info resource

With so many new and technical terms relating to charge points, it can be a confusing topic; Zap-Map provides an overview of the different networks, overview of charging and how to go about getting a charging point for home or work.

Making the decision to go electric requires some careful consideration; the electric vehicle section covers the different technologies, practical issues to think about, the tax and grant benefits available and provides a list of electric vehicles available to buy now.

If a user finds a public charge point which is not currently shown on Zap-Map or would like to share their home or work point on the Zap-Home or Zap-Work peer to peer networks respectively, follow this link add a new charge point page.

The Team

Dr Ben Lane is in charge of Technology and Strategy for Zap-Map. A leading UK automotive expert with almost 20 years’ experience in ultra-low emission and electric vehicle technologies. His career has included academic research, consultancy and the development of commercial digital services in the automotive sector.

Melanie Shufflebotham is responsible for Sales and Product Delivery at Zap-Map. With ten years in the EV market and a further ten years experience in the area of technology and marketing and has held posts in product management, Internet marketing and business development. She has worked both in the corporate sector 3Com and T-Mobile and in a number of start-ups.

Chris Lilly is responsible for editorial content on Zap-Map. With a background in journalism, Chris has worked for regional newspapers, and lifestyle magazines and websites as a staff or freelance motoring writer since 2006, after studying Automotive Design at university. He is also a member of the Guild of Motoring Writers and the Welsh Group of Motoring Writers.
Tom Halley is Next Green Car’s Senior Web Developer, responsible for continuously delivering improvements to the Next Green Car technology stack, as well as working on new projects with a growing team of developers. Tom has over four years experience working with Enterprise level applications since graduating from Teesside University, and is always keen to learn new technologies.
Ikbal Kaya is Mobile Application Developer for Next Green Car. After graduating from the Computer Engineering department at Yildiz Technical University, Ikbal specialised in mobile application development, along with contemporary software engineering practices. He has worked in a number of different industries on several projects, including bluetooth powered apps and augmented reality apps.
Caragh Newman is Zap-Map’s Data & Community Manager. With a background in marketing and client services she manages all of the information generated by Zap-Map users, looks after the social media sites, and manages the background data that drives the Zap-Map desktop and mobile applications.

Other Projects

Zap-Map.com is developed by Next Green Car Ltd, an independent company developing data and digital solutions in the automotive sector from an environmental angle. In addition to Zap-Map, Next Green Car runs and operates www.nextgreencar.com, the UK’s No.1 green car website.

If you want to contact the Zap-Map team we would love to hear from you, just visit our Contact Us page.