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Our Home or Workplace “Find a charge point installer” tools help EV drivers to discover and installers operating in their area to get charge points installed at their home or workplace.

Basic listing

A basic text listing (name and phone number) is free for all OZEV approved installers.

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Increase profile with an Enhanced Listing

For installers wishing to increase profile and sales leads, an Enhanced Listing is available. An Enhanced Listing includes a logo, sales text, website link, email address and telephone number. This gives installers an opportunity to highlight company, increase visibility and drive sales leads from the engaged Zap-Map audience.

Benefit from Zap-Map’s engaged user base

The Zap-Map website is the UK’s leading source of information on electric car charging and attracts over 100,000 visitors each month. The engaged, targeted audience are looking for charging info; Zap-Map is No.1 in Google for many key terms such as:

“Find an EV charge point installer” “UK charge point installer” “Charge point installers”

The Charging at Home/Work pages have over 7000 page views and over 3500 searches are made on the Find an installer tool each month (Feb 2020 Google Analytics).

Enhanced Listing costs

The cost for an Enhanced Listing on Zap-Map depends on the installer geographical coverage:


Coverage Level


Enhanced Listing HomeNational£1,800 / six months
Regional£500 / six months
Local£120 / six months
Enhanced Listing WorkNational£500 / six months
Regional£200 / six months
Local£120 / six months

Number of postal areas included (e.g. BS) in each coverage level:

  • ●  National – All postal areas UK-wide
  • ●  Regional – More than four postcode areas
  • ●  Local – Four postcode areas or fewer.

Prices exclude VAT. Minimum period 6 months. 50% discount available on the second listing if advertising on both tools.

For national installers, the package also includes a 300 by 100 advert

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Domestic installer tool (home)

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Helps consumers find a charge point for their domestic installation. The installer tool allows users to search on postcode + charge point brand and the results will show relevant OZEV accredited installers.

Business installer tool (work)

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Helps businesses find a charge point installer for their workplace or destination. The business installer tool allows users to search on postcode + type of installation and the results will show relevant installers.