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Map of charging points in the UK

Zap-Map live is a UK-wide map of charging points. With input from various sources including the National Charge Point Registry, Networks, Branded networks, charge point owners and feedback from electric car drivers, the data is being continually updated.

Search for charge points: move the map, enter a postcode or select “Find Me” icon to go to a location. Filter the charge points by charger speed by selecting appropriate icon.

View charge point info: click on a charger marker on the map to see address, contact, charger, access and availability info.

See list of chargers near you: select “charger” icon to see a list of charging point near your location. Select a charger to see charge point info.

Plan your journey: select “directions” icon to enter start point, destination and intermediary charge points. Add new locations by using postcode at top or by clicking on the map.

If you are looking for more advanced search capability, the search area offers the ability to search by Charger Type, Connector Type or EV Model and then to see results on a list or map of charging points.

Zap-Map is dedicated to keeping Zap-Map Live as up to date as possible. If you would like to add a charging point to the map please visit our Add New Charge Point page, where there is a form with all the information fields required to add a new point to Zap-Map Live. Once this is completed the information will be reviewed and verified before the point will show on the map.

Alternatively, if you would like to report a problem with a charge point please use the Report Charge Point Issue form that is located towards the bottom of the page once you click through to a specific point.

New or amended information will, in most cases, be updated within 24 hours.

In addition to Zap-Map Live, Zap-Map has recently launched their first mobile app. The new Zap-Map App, offers much of the functionality available on the website, as well as some specific benefits to those users looking for EV charging points on the move, including:

The new Zap-Map App, offers much of the functionality available on the website, but in addition offers some specific features and benefits:

* Full screen map, intuitive user interface, fast data retrieval optimised for mobile phone use
* Enhanced filtering capability: filter by any combination of charge type or connector type
* Offline mode: giving ability to view charge point list, and local area map even when no data connection
* EV model filter: select EV model and only view charge points compatible with that model
* No adverts

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