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Map of charging points in the UK

Zap-Map is a UK-wide map of charging points and aims to help EV drivers locate charging points and plan their electric journeys. The key features are as follows:

Search for charge points: enter a postcode or charge point name to go to a location; search on the map; drop the orange dot in a location and select “nearest chargers”

View charge point info: click on a charger marker on the map to see address, device, status, network, contact, pricing and access info.

Update status or add comment: click on “thumbs up” to indicate successful charge at this point; click on “update” button to change status of device or connector; click Zap-Chat bubble to add generic comments. Registration required.

See list of chargers near you: select “nearest chargers” on menu to see list of charging points near your location; alternatively click on the map, drop the orange dot and select “nearest chargers”

Plan your journey: select “route planner” on menu, add in destination by clicking map or adding points; find a suitable charging point en-route by using filters and click on directions arrow on charge point to add to route. Registration required.

Filter charge points: Use the filters to isolate the type of charging points you require by any combination of EV model, connector, speed, network, payment method or access.

Zap-Map is dedicated to keeping Zap-Map as up to date as possible. Data is updated from various sources including the National Charge Point Registry (NCR), Open Charge Map, Dealer networks and individuals. The aim is to have the charge point status information updated dynamically directly from the charge point operators. This information is not yet available, so Zap-Map relies on a combination of manual desk research and updates via Zap-Chat from the Zap-Map community.

For missing points, use the Add New Charge Point page, where there is a form with all the information fields required to add a new point to Zap-Map. Once this is completed the information will be reviewed and verified before the point will show on the map.

To locate charging points on the move, it is recommended that you download the iOS or Android app, which come in smartphone and tablet versions.



12 comment on “Map of UK electric car charging points

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  7. Profile photo of Calvin BarrowsCalvin Barrows


    I have just got my EV and was planning a route. However I had to keep closing down the map and reopen it as the charge point info dropdown box would simply only show an arrows and a thick black horizontal line after previously opening a couples of them successfully. Is that a settings problem, an internet speed problem or a software problem?


    Calvin Barrows

  8. Profile photo of Melanie S (Zap-Map)Melanie S (Zap-Map)

    Hi Larry

    You can use Zap-Map’s route planner on the desktop – you can add a route A to B via C etc. then filter out the charging points based on speed required, network, distance from route. You can access this via the menu under “Route finder”. Similar functionality coming soon on the iOS/Android app. Thanks Melanie

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