100 free EV charge points available from Zero Carbon World

100 free EV charge points available from Zero Carbon World


EV charging charity Zero Carbon World has 100 units to donate to suitable locations, with businesses in the hospitality industry invited to apply for a free charge point.

There are 7 kW and 22 kW charge points available – an even split of each type – with potential successful candidates needing to be somewhere a driver can spend at least a few hours, be based in the hospitality industry, have a secure car park, and not reserve the charge point for staff use.

There are other terms that need to be agreed to, but for further information, those interested can visit the free charging stations page on the Zero Carbon World website.

Those that are successful will receive a wall mounted charge point and signage. The location is then added to the network’s map and will appear on Zap-Map too.

Locations will need to meet power supply requirements, and will have to cover the cost of installation – but the charging unit is free.

Charging costs are set by the unit owner rather than Zero Carbon World, with some locations setting a fee for EV drivers, and others offering EV charging as a free service.

Find out more about Zero Carbon World on Zap-Map’s network guide