Alfa Power now takes Zap-Pay

Alfa Power now takes Zap-Pay

Olly Goodall

We are pleased to announce that Alfa Power, a Leeds-based electric vehicle (EV) charge point operator, is the latest network to go live on Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from Zapmap.

Developing an extensive nationwide public charging network consisting of fast and rapid chargers situated in prime locations throughout the UK, Alfa Power is fully up and running on Zap-Pay.

The network – which is the eighth to go live on the cross-network payment service – joins live Zap-Pay partners Osprey, ESB Energy,, GeniePoint, Mer, MFG EV Power, and Fastned.

The completed integration means that more than 5,000 charging devices across the UK are now Zap-Pay enabled. As well as being able to search for charge points, plan longer journeys, and share updates with other EV drivers, Zap-Map users can now pay quickly and easily for their EV charging on all eight networks up and down the UK.

More integrations and announcements around Zap-Pay are to follow over the coming weeks and months.

Alfa Power operates a network of around 55 fast, rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices stretching from Yorkshire to Somerset. Indeed, the network sees itself as well positioned to play a significant role in supporting the transition of the UK market towards the widespread uptake of EVs by providing necessary infrastructure in key locations.

With the aim of developing a network comprised of public rapid charge points and destination charge points, across a mixed terrain of private and public-sector marketplaces, Alfa Power is aiming for coverage over the whole market.

Zap-Pay, a single-app payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, was launched with a mission to include all the key charge point networks across the UK. The payment solution avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across all the various networks, providing a simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the familiar Zapmap app.

With Alfa Power now live on Zap-Pay, the completed integration marks another important step towards simple charging for EV drivers across the country.