Apple rumoured to be developing an electric car

Apple rumoured to be developing an electric car


Apple could be preparing to challenge the likes of Tesla by developing an electric car of their own.

Sources close to the company, the Wall Street Journal reported, said that Apple are looking to revolutionise the electric car industry much the same way their iPhone reshaped the smartphone world.

Hundreds of people have been assigned by Apple to work on a secret project, rumoured to be the design for an electric people carrier. The project, led by vice president of product design Steve Zadesky, has been given the code “Titan” and was reportedly signed off almost a year ago by Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook.

Although, the company has so far declined to comment on the rumours, the materials that they are looking at and the number of employees they have working on the project all points towards Apple seriously considering building an electric car.

With an estimated £115 billion in cash, Apple would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with and could directly challenge leading EV manufacturers such as Tesla. They might also have one eye on major rivals, Google, who have been working on driverless cars for the last few years and are nearing a production ready model.

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