Audi to lead VW Group electric vehicle plans

Audi to lead VW Group electric vehicle plans


Audi is planning a huge EV push that will see electric cars make up 25 per cent of overall sales by 2025. The reports coming from Reuters indicate that the German manufacturer is again stepping up its plans to electrify the model line-up.

As reported earlier this year, Audi is set to lead the VW Group’s electric and hydrogen drive projects, with the likes of the confirmed-for-production e-tron quattro at the vanguard of the plans and due in 2018. This large SUV will have a range of more than 300 miles and – linked to the new, long-range EVs – there are plans for a 150kw ultra-rapid charging network. The set-up is very similar to that of Tesla’s.

With Audi leading the group’s EV and hydrogen plans, reports state that around one third of the brand’s budget will be invested in R&D for the two electric technologies.

Based on sales of 1.8 million cars in 2015, the plans would see Audi sell almost half a million electric vehicles – and that’s with very conservative expansion plans factored in.