Birmingham Evolt Charge Points switch to Charge Your Car today [20th August]

Birmingham Evolt Charge Points switch to Charge Your Car today [20th August]


A notice for all Plugged-in Midlands members: a reminder of the switch to Charge Your Car in Birmingham today which may cause some minor disruption.

Today, Birmingham City Council are switching all of their Evolt (grey colour) Charge Points to the Charge Your Car (CYC) Back Office system for remote diagnostics, data collection and access control.

This means that if you currently use a purple Plugged-in Midlands card, it will cease to allow access to Charge Points installed at the following locations on August 20th 2014. The only exception in Birmingham is The Bullring site which will remain accessible using the PiM card.

If you are charging at the time of the switchover, the charging event should not be disrupted and the switchover will be delayed until there is an inactive time window available. However, please be aware that there may be some disruption to service.

The reason for this change is for the City to obtain a more reliable service from the units particularly with regard to usage data and fault reporting. Whilst this change will cause a small amount of disruption to the service in the short-term, it will enhance the service in the long-term. Please bear with us during the transition today, Wednesday (August 20th) .

If you intend to use the Evolt Charge Points in Birmingham next week, we suggest that you download the free smartphone Charge Your Car App from, the App store for i-phone or Google Play for Android phones. Once installed, this App will allow you to search for the Charge Point you wish to use based on postcode or the CYC unique ID number on the sticker affixed to the Charge Point. You may also search the map on the App for the Charge Point you want to use.

Only the access method for Evolt units will change, Birmingham City Council have currently chosen not to start billing for EV charging so access will be free for the time being.

Please note that the Bullring Charge Point(s) and most of the Midlands Charge Points (except Herefordshire and Corby locations) will remain accessible using the purple PiM card for the time being. So if you have already purchased a PiM card or are considering purchasing one, it will still be useful.

The next phased switchovers will be Herefordshire (Evolt) and Corby (Siemens) Charge Points. Please monitor Twitter,[/image] and your e-mail for further announcements.

Charging Point Locations affected (with postcode)
Acocks Green, Fox Hollies Leisure (B27 7NS)
Alcester Road, Moseley (B13 8HJ)
Aston Street (B4 7ET)
Brindley Drive (B1 2NB)
Bristol Road South (B31 2NW)
Brunel Street (B54AF)
Dudley Street cave (B5 4PJ)
Harborne, High Street (Subway/Lloyds) (B17 9QE)
High Street North, Kingsheath (B14 7LB)
Jewellery Quarter multi storey (B18 6LP)
Kings Heath High Street (B14 7BH)
Livery Street (Snow Hill) (B3 2BJ)
Manor Road Sutton Coldfield (B72 1SY)
Margaret Street (B3 3BX)
Millenium Point (B4 7AP)
Moat Lane multi storey (Markets car park) (B5 5BD)
Pershore Street Multi storey (B5 6PA)
Sutton Coldfield – Car Park, Victoria (B73 6EJ)
Temple Row (B2 5NY)