Changes made to EVHS and WCS grants

British Gas launches EV charging tariff


British Gas has launched a new tariff designed for households that run an EV. The Green Drive Nov 2020 tariff offers reduced costs off-peak, when much of an EV’s charging is carried out.

Backed by renewable electricity, the new residential tariff gives users reduced costs between 12:30am and 7:30am, enough for a full or significant charge for most EV drivers.

British Gas reckons that households with EVs use up to 80% more electricity than average if they charge from home. These increased costs are off-set by significantly reduced fuel bills, but the dual fuel tariff looks to reduce the impact of these increased electricity costs.

Peter Simon, Customer Propositions and Product Director at British Gas said: “Customers who choose this tariff will have peace of mind that if they charge their electric car overnight they can take advantage of lower prices. We want to offer our customers different types of tariffs that suit their individual needs and help them understand their energy usage.

“This is our first residential EV product. Over the coming months, we will launch further electric vehicle charging services to both residential and business customers.”