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EV charging industry gains united front with new trade association ChargeUK

Nic Ryan

ChargeUK has launched to provide a single voice and large investment boost to the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. 

Bringing together 18 of the largest charge point operators with the aim of enabling the UK to make the switch to EVs and reach Net Zero - a broader goal than carbon neutrality - they aim to remove and prevent all greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.

ChargeUK members have announced they will invest over £6 billion in installing and operating new EV charging infrastructure by 2030 - installing tens of thousands of charge points, with an overall aim of doubling the size of the UK charging network throughout 2023.

“The formation of ChargeUK is an exciting day and is a demonstration of the electric vehicle charging industry’s growing size and importance to the UK economy,” said Ian Johnston, Chair of ChargeUK and CEO of Osprey Charging.

“Together we are investing billions of pounds to get more charge points in the ground right across the country.

“These numbers reinforce our commitment to the UK’s Net Zero future.

“We will continue to be a proactive partner to Government as we deliver a world-class charging infrastructure, giving the nation’s drivers confidence to transition to electric vehicles.”

ChargeUK will work collaboratively with government and other stakeholders to break down barriers and shape the policies and regulation needed to enable transition.

“The launch of ChargeUK shows how industry working together, alongside the Government, can release private investment, improve delivery, raise standards and promote the use of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for drivers across the country,” said Transport decarbonisation and technology minister, Jesse Norman.

“Our commitment to decarbonising transport, backed by hundreds of millions in funding, has helped to unlock private sector investment, and the ambitious plans of ChargeUK’s members will support more people than ever make the transition to EVs.”

ChargeUK founding member logos

The founding members of ChargeUK include Zap-Pay partners char.gy, Connected Kerb, ESB, Fastned, GeniePoint, Mer, Osprey, alongside other charge point operators Be.EV, Believ, bp pulse, ChargePoint, evyve, GRIDSERVE, Ionity, Pod Point, PoGo Charge, RAW Charging and Shell Recharge.

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