Charging cable firm starts buy back offer

Charging cable firm starts buy back offer


The first ever “buy back guarantee” scheme has been set up for electric vehicle (EV) charging cables by 4EV. Having only been around since September 2015, the UK distributor is now offering to buy back charging cables from customers if their situation changes.

Owners might have changed vehicles, moved house, or got a new company car for example, and in the past, the customer would be left with a redundant charging cable. Now though, 4EV will buy back those cables that are not needed.

The amount offered to customers will depend on the cable’s age and must be in safe and good working order. The buy back prices start from 60 per cent of the original price for cables up to six months old, to 25 per cent for those over two years old. The money can be returned or used as credit to buy a new cable.

4EV founder Darren Pegram said: “We realise that it can be difficult to know exactly which charging cable is going to be perfect for individual drivers, with different lengths available and coiled or straight options, there are lots of varieties to choose from.

“Sometimes until you get out on the road and are using the vehicle every day you can’t be sure what will work best, and then of course circumstances change – you might change your vehicle, start a new job further from home or start using a different charging station.

“Our new scheme means we guarantee to buy back your charging cable or EVSE if you no longer need it or your circumstances change, giving our customers confidence and peace of mind. As far as we know we are the only company offering a guarantee like this for electric vehicle charging cables and we hope having this option will give our present and future customers even more confidence in buying our products.”

Visit the company’s website for more information about the 4EV Buy Back Guarantee.