Chevrolet shows off self-driving EV concept in Shanghai

Chevrolet shows off self-driving EV concept in Shanghai


Chevrolet has unveiled a new autonomous, electric vehicle concept at the Shanghai Motor Show, providing a glimpse into future mobility.

Branded the Cheverolet FNR, the concept vehicle features a set of roof-sensors that can map it’s environment. This means it can drive by itself; however, there will still be the option to drive the car in manual mode.

What’s more, the battery-electric vehicle is also fitted with a wireless charging system, doing away with the need for cables and plugs.

The futuristic feel of the concept car is rounded off by the crystal laser headlights and tail-lights, dragonfly dual swing doors and magnetic hubless wheel electric motors.

Although just a concept, this car is not a pipe dream and features many technologies that are in the prototype stages of development. This means cars such as this could realistically be seen on the roads within the next 15-20 years (as a conservative estimate). This bodes for an exciting future!


Business Insider, Clean Technica