Circle K branded chare point charging EV

Circle K Ireland begins rollout of own-brand EV chargers

Nic Ryan

Circle K is planning to invest €7 million (£6.07 million) in its own brand of ultra-rapid chargers for electric vehicles, the petrol station operator plans to install the charge points at over 30 of its forecourts across Ireland by 2025.

Circle K currently has chargers at 42 service stations in Ireland, including Ionity, ESB and Tesla chargers; the new additions to its network will carry its own brand name.

The first charge points to be installed have speeds of up to 300kW and are located at service stations on the M9 in Rathrogue, Co Carlow, and the M8 at Fermoy, Co Cork.

“We are excited to introduce our new high-speed, reliable, strategically placed charging points and look forward to welcoming customers to our locations,” said Gordon Lawlor, Managing Director of Circle K Ireland.

“EV is something we have been extremely focused on for a number of years.

“Being part of the Circle K global network means we have access to the very latest thinking and key developments on EV charging, especially from our colleagues in Norway, who are leading the way in terms of electrification.”

Circle K has over 1,400 chargers available across 300 locations, including Norway, Ireland, Sweden, and Denmark.

"We understand the Government's goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and we're committed to developing our business to support this, with EV playing a key role in achieving this target,”  said Jonathan Diver, Senior Director of Fuels at Circle K Ireland.

“We believe we have an important role to play in ensuring a smooth transition to EV usage in this country and plan to roll out a strategic network of EV chargers over the next seven years across Ireland."