Citroen electrifies Berlingo Multispace range

Citroen electrifies Berlingo Multispace range


Citroen has launched the E-Berlingo Multispace, an all-electric MPV that joins the C-Zero, E-Mehari, and Berlingo van in the French firm’s plug-in line-up.

The E-Berlingo Multispace has an official range of 105 miles (170km), and is available with rapid charging as an option, allowing drivers to charge the Citroen’s 22.5 kWh battery pack from 0-80% in around 30 minutes.

As the conventionally-powered Citroen Berlingo Multispace and vans share their componentry with the Peugeot Partner Teepee and vans, the E-Berlingo Multispace shares the same powertrain specification too. That means the Citroen uses a 49 kW electric motor (67bhp) which provides 200 Nm of torque and drives through a single-speed transmission.

The cabin has almost 80 litres of storage space dotted about it, and the E-Berlingo Multispace has 675 litres of luggage space with the rear seats in place. Remove those and that expands to a huge 3,000 litres.

With sliding rear doors and a zero-tailpipe emission powertrain, Citroen is pitching the E-Berlingo Multispace as an excellent inner-city car. Drivers will be charged no VED – even under the new rules – and will not need to pay any congestion charge or toxicity charge costs either.

The E-Berlingo Multispace’s battery has an eight year / 100,000km warranty and is available to order now.