Citroen's E-Mahari set for production

Citroen's E-Mahari set for production


Citroen will build a new EV in the shape of the E-Mehari. Although it looks like a concept car, the simple off-road pure-electric Citroen will go on sale in France in spring 2016.

Seen as a modern interpretation of the 1968 2CV based Mehari, the E-Mehari continues the same utilitarian but fun theme. That means the body panels are made of plastic to reisit bumps, scrapes and corrosion, while the interior is designed to be able to be hosed down, inside and out, should you venture a little too far off road.

Power comes from a 30kWh battery that gives the E-Mehari a top speed of 68 mph, and Citroen quotes a range of 124 miles of urban driving. It’s not a car to set the EV market on alight but it is likely to attract a number of customers who want something a little different and be one of those vehicles, like Renault’s Twizy, that makes everyone smile as they drive past.

Charging will take eight hours on a 16 amp supply, or 13 hours from empty when connected to a 10 amp socket. There is no information yet as to what the rapid charging capability or connection type will be.

The E-Mehari goes on display at the PSA Peugeot Citroen Group’s Eco Driving Display at the COP21 climate conference in Paris tomorrow (Wednesday 9th December).