Competition: Win a Spark+Volt Tee

Competition: Win a Spark+Volt Tee


Zap-Map has had a chat with Spark+Volt – a new online store for electric vehicle drivers to show off their love of all things EV. To mark the launch of its new ‘100% Electric’ range, Zap-Map has teamed up with the EV merchandise firm to give away some of their products.

Set up by Kia Soul EV drivers Natalie and Rob Carswell, Spark+Volt launched because of a shared love of EV driving. Natalie says: “If you’d have told me two years ago that I’d be driving an electric car, let alone running a business promoting them, I’d have laughed my head off!

“When Rob first mentioned getting an electric vehicle in the summer of 2016 I was pretty apprehensive . . . we like to go driving places far, far away, and I couldn’t imagine how that was going to work with an electric car on a 100 mile range.”

A compromise was made, with the couple planning on using an electric car for smaller trips, but with the intention of hiring a “regular old ‘dinosaur juice’ car” for trips further afield.

“The problem was that as soon as I’d driven electric, I was sold,” continued Natalie. “It was so peaceful and smooth, and it felt great knowing you weren’t chugging harmful fumes into the atmosphere every time you nipped to the shops or picked up the kids – I didn’t want to use an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine car) ever again!”

Since then, the couple’s passion for EVs has grown to the extent that they eventually set up Spark+Volt – an online emporium of unique merchandise designed for electric transport users to shout loud and proud about their love of “drinking electrons”.

Having launched in August 2017, Spark+Volt is an online shop for electric transport fans with a range of organic and recycled cotton T-shirts in a range of designs, as well as car air fresheners using 100% natural essential oils, mugs, bags, and more.

Rob says: “I trained as a designer before becoming an environmental consultant, and I was thinking how great it would be to have a ‘drive electric’ T-shirt, but I couldn’t find anywhere with contemporary designs or cool graphics I could choose from. That’s when Natalie and I put our heads together and came up with the idea for Spark+Volt.

“We started out designing tees for EV lovers – one of our most popular designs is a retro style dinosaur with the tagline ‘Drink Electrons not Dinosaur Juice’ – but recently we’ve launched a new line of merchandise called ‘100% ‘Electric’, which is great for all electric transport lovers; people who use electric bikes and boats to electric scooters and unicycles – even they are a thing now!”

To celebrate the launch of the new 100% Electric product line, Zap-Map has bagged three Spark+Volt tees to give away to three lucky competition winners. For your chance of winning, email with the answer to the below question. Put “Spark+Volt Competition” in the subject line, and don’t forget to put a name and contact details alongside your answer.

Competition question: What should you drink instead of dinosaur juice?

competition win sparkvolt teeCompetition terms and conditions
* Email us the answer to the competition question by 12:00pm on Monday 25th June 2018
* Only one entry per person
* Zap-Map will randomly draw three lucky winners from the replies received before the competition deadline from users on Tuesday 26th June 2018, and notify winners by Friday 29th June 2018.
* No cash alternative available