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Connected Kerb launches first-of-its-kind nationwide public smart EV charging feature


UK drivers could save £1.5 billion a year on EV charging, thanks to first-of-its-kind smart charging rollout. 

Connected Kerb’s smart charging uniquely allows drivers to schedule charging during off-peak hours when energy is cheapest and greenest, saving money, cutting carbon and reducing pressure on the grid.

The rollout, set to begin in April, will see the majority of Connected Kerb’s charge points activated to be capable of smart charging by 2025.

Currently, Connected Kerb has 6,000 charge points already installed and 4,000 more are planned  to be deployed this year. 

The new public smart charging offering will see lower overnight tariffs of £0.45 per kWh for drivers, meaning that drivers could save up to £222 per year on charging, the equivalent of 495 free electric miles.

Until now, 62% of drivers without access to home charging have not been able to benefit from these lower electricity tariffs at off-peak times. Connected Kerb’s smart charging rollout will make these significant cost savings possible across its public charging network for the first time.

 “Public smart charging is the catalyst we need to create a fairer, greener, and cheaper charging network,” said Ben Boutcher-West, Chief Digital Officer at Connected Kerb.

“We know that just under two thirds of people in the UK don't have access to a home charger, which is why we’re committed to levelling the playing field between those who can access smart charging and those who can’t. 

“By increasing the speed of charging when energy is cheapest, we can now offer drivers lower-cost tariffs, maximise the use of green energy and take strain off the grid

“Our rollout of public smart charging isn’t just a major milestone for Connected Kerb, but the UK’s EV transition as a whole, bringing our public charging network one stop closer to democratising the gap between those with and without off-street parking.”

The first areas to benefit from Connected Kerb’s smart charging rollout will be the regions of Lincoln, Scarborough, Ryedale, and Sunderland.

“All of our residents - whether they have a driveway or not - deserve access to the significant cost savings associated with smart electric vehicle charging”, said Joy Dennis, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport at West Sussex County Council.

“As EV adoption grows across the country, we’;re committed to ensuring West Sussex is a leader in the provision of intelligent charging infrastructure.

“This rollout is a genuine step towards a more equitable and sustainable charging system for West Sussex. Our agreement with Connected Kerb to launch smart charging capability across the county will act as a roadmap for other councils, increasing access to smart charging for all.”


Connected Kerb share a live data partnership with Zapmap, this means that users of the Zapmap app and web map can access live status and availability information at any time to help make planning for charging even easier.