Dealership adds charge points to cope with demand

Dealership adds charge points to cope with demand


A Mitsubishi dealership in Paisley has installed six new EV charge points on site as the need for them has risen dramatically in the last couple of years. The Phoenix Mitsubishi dealership, like many others selling the Japanese manufacturer’s cars, has seen the Outlander PHEV fly off the forecourt and has added a number of new charging points for its customers.

The dealership now has eight rapid charging points for customers to use as the two previously installed simply couldn’t keep up with requirements. As the best selling plug-in car in the UK, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has become a common sight on the road and buyers try to make the most of the quoted 32.5 miles electric range.

Dealer Principal Dom D’Agostino said: “The success of the Outlander PHEV has spurred us on to have these extra charging points installed. There are only going to be more hybrids on the road so we want to be able to provide for our customers going forward. In the past, hybrid cars were seen as a bit different but now people are really embracing hybrid technology – it’s the way to go.”