Dyson announces first EV to launch by 2021

Dyson announces first EV to launch by 2021


Dyson, the innovative and iconic maker of household appliances, has announced plans to launch the company’s first electric vehicle by 2021.

Backed by a £2 million investment, also confirmed is that the company’s EV plant will be built in a new plant in Singapore, the city state with the world’s second-largest container port, and where Dyson already has a sizeable workforce. Singapore also has free-trade access to China which is the largest EV market in the world.

No details are known about the first Dyson EV other than the announced date. However, it is thought to be the first of three electric vehicles with later models using solid-state batteries which can provide longer range. After writing-off over £46 million of investment in the solid-state battery firm Sakti3, it is still thought that the company is focused on this technology in the longer term.

While vehicle production will be based in Singapore, the 400-strong UK automotive team at Hullavington Airfield in Wiltshire is continuing to expand. The site, which has already seen more than £200 million of investment, has recently seen the addition of a series of test driving tracks to support vehicle development.

Source: electrive.com; Image: Close up of Hyundai Le Fil Rouge concept and only used as a representative image for generic future EV models.