Easee charger on house

Easee launches the Equaliser to optimise home EV charging

Nic Ryan

Designed to optimise home energy while charging, the Equalizer is a smart device that optimises home energy use while charging, allowing users to power their electric vehicles (EV) with balanced load charging.

Dynamically managing the charging load between a building and a charging EV prevents overloading, energy spikes, or tripping fuses, the device is in fact, cheaper and and faster to install than a main fuse upgrade, simplifying the process. Combined with the Easee app, users are able to select to charge during off peak hours if on a dual rate energy tariff.

Solar panels can be integrated at any time, so EV drivers not yet ready for solar can still gain load balancing benefits.

A study conducted by Zapmap and Good Energy recently uncovered that EV drivers are seven times more likely to have solar panels on their home than their ICE counterparts. Demand for solar panels is increasing in the UK, data from MCS shows that the number of panels installed in 2022 was almost the same as those installed from 2019 to 2021 combined.


Easee home charger

The Equalizer optimises home energy use while charging.

“At Easee, we are striving to make the transition to EVs an absolute no brainer and give drivers the best possible customer experience," said Csilla Heim, Country Director UK, Easee.

“The energy crisis has led to rocketing demand for solar energy and with The Equalizer our customers can lighten their load on the planet and their wallets by using self-generated energy to power their cars.

“There is also the flexibility to mix energy from the grid and renewables to ensure consistent charging, in all weather conditions. We understand that not everyone is ready for solar just yet, so when they are ready, they can just switch on when they want.

“Ultimately, The Easee Equalizer can save our customers money and help them become greener.”