eConnect Cars provides London businesses with 100% electric taxi service

eConnect Cars provides London businesses with 100% electric taxi service


eConnect Cars becomes one of only a handful of London chauffeuring companies to manage a fleet comprising entirely of electric vehicles (EVs).

Since January this year, eConnect Cars have taken delivery of 7 Nissan LEAFs with another 14 on order, to be delivered by the end of 2014.

Operating out of Canary Wharf, eConnect Cars are seeking to revolutionise the London taxi scene by offering a 100% electric chauffeuring service to business clientele.

By going electric the company avoids increasing fuel prices. Furthermore, with the LEAF boasting zero tailpipe emissions, they avoid adding to London’s alarming levels of air pollution.

eConnect Cars are hoping to inspire other taxi services to follow suit, which would undoubtedly have a significant and positive impact on the environment. Air pollution in the UK, especially in London, is at a dangerous level; the uptake of EVs by fleets and private users alike is an essential step in counteracting this imbalance.

However, it is not just the environmental advantages that have attracted an already impressive clientele list to eConnect Cars, including national law firm Maclay Murray & Spens LLP. The chauffeuring company and Nissan also advocate the superior ride of an EV over a conventional car.

Barry Beeston, Nissan’s Corporate Sales Director, says: “With low noise, both driver and passenger will enjoy relaxed journey in a comfortable environment, reassured by the fact their journey will be less harmful to the city and its inhabitants by travelling in an eConnect LEAF”.

As manufacturers continue to expand their electric ranges, the vehicles become more efficient, more practical and ultimately more accessible to consumers.

Alistair Clarke, founder of eConnect Cars, commented: “The development in the technology and inherent capabilities of electric vehicles are the prime reasons for why we have an opportunity to apply a practical, intelligent approach to the London private hire scene, something I wanted to convey with eConnect Cars.”