Electric Car Show

Electric Car Show


ElectrAA – the Electric Automobile Association – has organised the UK’s first Electric Car Show to take place on Sunday 4th September in Malvern.

Building on the success of ElectrAA meetings in Priory Park, the same Malvern location will be used for the first show, with vehicles on display from 11am and entrance is free.

Talks on all aspects of EV ownership will be held in the Forum Theatre – located in Malvern Theatres right next to Priory Park – which will also be free to attend but registration is required. Talks take place between 2-5pm with speakers including Robert Llewellyn, Simon Crowfoot and Professor David Bailey.

Best-selling models including the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Renault Zoe will be on display, along with the Morgan EV3 which is built in a factory just down the road from the event in Malvern.

For EV drivers there are Plugged-in Midlands/Polar operated Type 2 charging points in a nearby car park.

Further information about the event, sponsored by Ecotricity, can be found at the ElectrAA website.