Electric milestones reached for Renault Nissan Alliance

Electric milestones reached for Renault Nissan Alliance


The Renault Nissan Alliance has recently hit some significant EV milestones as the partnership continues to lead the way for electric car sales. It has been revealed that the 100,000th Renault EV has been delivered to a customer in Norway, which makes up part of the 350,000 electric vehicles sold worldwide by the group.

The Alliance has also sold 100,000 EVs in one year as of last month, and the Nissan Leaf has racked up global sales of 230,000 units, retaining the status as the world’s best selling EV ever. Renault is the best performing EV brand in Europe though, with the Zoe its primary success.

Combined EV sales for Nissan come in at more than 250,000 units across 48 countries when sales of the e-NV200 based models are also factored in. The Leaf has covered more than 1.7 billion all-electric miles too calculates the Japanese manufacturer, saving an estimated 455 million tons of CO2.

Those figures are underestimates too since the figures come from those models registered with the company’s telematics system, which make up a little over half of total global sales.

Eric Feunteun, Director of Renault’s Electric Vehicle Division, said: “Every year there are more customers for electric cars and Renault is making a major contribution to this with its constant innovation and dedication to developing infrastructure. Our customer satisfaction, which stands at 98 per cent for the Zoe, encourages us to keep pushing onwards.”

Alliance Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “This historic milestone confirms our customers’ recognition of the benefits of Renault and Nissan electric vehicles. Our commitment to contribute toward a zero-emissions world by bringing to the market a full range of affordable EVs makes Renault-Nissan the indisputable leader in EV technology.”