Electrosymph developed by Symphony EV

Electrosymph developed by Symphony EV


Electric vehicle (EV) and charging specialists Symphony EV have designed a versatile Electrosymph Adapter to allow utility vehicles to charge at any approved charging points.

The equipment offers a solution to those who have utility EVs that don’t come with standard charging sockets, making recharging them either impossible, difficult or slow. Now though, the national charging infrastructure opens up for use thanks to the adapter.

The ELectrosymph adaptor is already in use at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, being tested in real world conditions with the famous animal charity on its compact electric pick-up.

The adapter is suitable for all sorts of utility EVs including council vehicles, street cleaners, hotel and golf course buggies, and passenger shuttles at theme parks and attractions.

It also allows more efficient use of charging points with public using them during the day, and commercial vehicles able to charge at night.

Peter Summerfield, project manager at Symphony EV said: “We strive to use our 35 years of electric vehicles and charging points development knowledge to provide all on road and off road electric vehicles, new and old, to have access to the technology of the future.”symphony-battersea3