Elm EV launches crowd funding campaign

Elm EV launches crowd funding campaign


Charge point firm Elm EV has launched a crowd funding campaign, with an aim to raise more than £200,000 to help expand its business. The finances are planned to help grow a number of aspects of the company, with Elm EV looking to make the most of increasing EV ownership by installing more chargers for better network coverage.

Elm EV is one of only a few companies in the UK that is approved to install rapid chargers and it is looking to develop its own charge point for use both in the UK and abroad. Part of the crowd funding investment will go towards this work, while expansion in sales and marketing personnel is also planned.

The company works with Nissan to install chargers for the manufacturer’s commercial clients, and Elm EV is expanding its ties with the NHS as a supplier of charging equipment.

Technical Director Anthony Piggott said: “The growth of the ultra-low emission vehicle industry is phenomenal and we are in a great position. This is a once-off opportunity for members of the public, enthusiasts and investors to help build the EV charging infrastructure and to be a part of the fast paced industry, reaping the rewards.”

To find out more about the £210,015 crowd funding scheme, visit the project website here.