EO wins innovation award with eoHUB

EO wins innovation award with eoHUB


EO Charging’s eoHUB has won BusinessCar’s Innovation Award 2017, with the smart-fleet charging system triumphing in a tough contest.

Designed specifically for fleet customers, the eoHUB is a piece of hardware that can connect 30 ‘smart-ready’ EO charge points to the internet. This enables the chargers to be managed from the eoCloud web system. As a driver, the benefit is that EV users can download the eoApp to start and stop their charge on EO devices.

Charlie Jardine, CEO and Founder of EO said: “Today a business might only have one or two EV’s on their fleet and a simple and cost-effective charging station is typically all that’s required. However, as the number of EVs grows, a company not only requires more chargers but they begin needing a smarter solution.

“At this point you can retrofit an eoHUB, putting the chargers online. Once online a fleet manager can monitor their energy usage, calculate BIK, and restrict access and bill for charging. The eoHUB also controls the charging station’s power output; turning the power up and down based on what capacity is available at the site.

“This technology will often enable an installer to fit multiple fast chargers and avoid upgrading a site’s power supply, which is hugely expensive. Importantly, because you only need one eoHUB for up to 30 chargers, the cost of deploying the EO solution at scale is significantly less than competing products – a customer will typically save £300 per charger. Lastly, because there is only one point of internet connectivity, customers do not get hit with extensive on-going data fees per charger.

“The core idea behind the EO system is that it’s totally modular and future proof. We can take a customer on a journey from day one, increasing the solutions capability as requirements evolve.”