GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt Gatwick

Europe’s first airport charging hub is now open

Nic Ryan

London Gatwick is the first European international airport to have its own dedicated electric vehicle (EV) charging hub, it is now home to GRIDSERVE’s London Gatwick Electric Forecourt and powered exclusively by net zero carbon energy.

Located at the South Terminal of London Gatwick Airport are 30 new charge points, 22 of which are 350kW-capable High Power chargers with both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, capable of adding up to 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

There are also four 22kW-capable Low Power AC chargers and four Tesla Superchargers on site.

Opening times are daily from 4.30am to 10pm to coincide with the vast majority of international flights.

The new chargers increase charging capacity at the airport five-fold and are accessible to all EV drivers including passengers, London Gatwick staff and the local community.

The new  forecourt building also contains a Little Fresh convenience store that features Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, a Costa Coffee store, and a new electric vehicle experience area where EV gurus can provide information on EV charging and can arrange test drives of the latest electric vehicles.

“As we launch our third, and most technologically advanced Electric Forecourt® at London Gatwick, we mark a significant milestone in the evolution of sustainable transportation,” said Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE.

“We are excited to open our first charging facility at an international airport and help support London Gatwick on its journey to net zero. 

“Our purpose at GRIDSERVE is to deliver sustainable energy on the scale needed to move the needle on climate change, and this is certainly a project that moves the needle for the airport, and local workers and residents.


GRIDSERVE charge points Gatwick

The high power chargers are capable of adding up to 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.


“It is clear that with this awesome London Gatwick Electric Forecourt® we have continued to raise the bar, in delivering the best possible customer experience. In addition, we have also stepped up our efforts relating to EV awareness and information, test drives and car leasing, helping to accelerate the switch to electric in the vicinity. 

“We look forward to welcoming all current and potential EV drivers to GRIDSERVE’s new London Gatwick Electric Forecourt®.”


GRIDSERVE shares a Live data partnership with Zapmap, enabling users of the Zapmap app and desktop map to access the live status and availability of GRIDSEVE charge points, helping to make planning charging stops even easier.


“We are proud to be the first European international airport with its own dedicated electric vehicle charging forecourt,” said Bronwen Jones, Development Director at London Gatwick.

“GRIDSERVE has been placed in a strategic location and will be available to millions of passengers, commuters, staff, residents and businesses that pass through the area each year. 

"We are making sustainability part of everything we do here at London Gatwick and we are committed to creating a low-carbon economy by providing new infrastructure that everyone can use, so together we can reduce emissions.

“As we invest in our long-term, future growth additions such as GRIDSERVE are vital to London Gatwick’s ecosystem.”


Gridserve charge points at Gatwick with plane in background

Construction has already begun on the next GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt, which will be located on the Knebworth Estate in Stevenage, near junction 7,  just off the A1(M). 

Planning permission is also approved at several other sites including Markham Vale, Gateshead, Plymouth and Nevendon (Basildon), with more than 30 additional sites also under development.