EV investment for ambulance service

EV investment for ambulance service


Five Nissan Leafs have been added to the North East Ambulance Service’s fleet of pool cars in a drive to reduce fuel costs and emissions.

The new models replace five conventionally powered vehicles and will be supported by nine charging points at six sites in the North East. The Leafs will cover thousands of miles across County Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear, with the increased charging infrastructure playing a crucial role in helping the EV fleet cover some remote areas.

The EVe charging points are the first in the UK to be made by Dutch firm ICU and use smartware technology to help ease the load on the national grid. The EVe points have been installed by Elm Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, with the technology a key part of the company’s report for the North East Ambulance Trust, highlighting the charging infrastructure for EVs and associated costs.

Clare Swift, Environment and Sustainability Manager, North East Ambulance Service, “The uptake of electric vehicles was vital for the ambulance service. We aim to be proactive in promoting a cleaner environment and the use of electric vehicles also enables us to save money on high fuel costs. Elm EV provided the service with a full EV charging infrastructure report, which included smart and reliable equipment at a competitive price.”