EV Rally Of Scotland

 EV Rally Of Scotland


The EV Rally Of Scotland (EVROS) is a ‘demonstration’ of Scottish EV charging infrastructure, combined with clean and innovative vehicle technology, during week two of COP26. The idea is to prove that EV use across Scotland, and the rest of the UK, is not just ‘for the odd occasion’ – it can be ‘the norm’.

With online and print magazine GREENFLEET behind the event, the plan is to put 20 EVs on the road and set them off from Glasgow, on a five-day, 1200+ mile ‘e-Tour of Scotland’.

The route will take in many of the beautiful landmarks in the country, will visit clean energy projects, including wind farms, solar and hydro projects, as well as a hydrogen refuelling station, but most importantly, it will showcase the charging infrastructure across the region at the same time.

By the end of the week, the ‘eRally’ will have taken in every corner of Scotland, including a Western Isle, and will have completed more than 1200 ‘e-Miles’. Zap-Map is an EVROS partner.

The event will be streamed live across social media.